Hit the three-pointer with NBA 2KVR Experience for Gear VR, PSVR and HTC Vive

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If you want to feel like you are a pro basketball player in the NBA, a new virtual reality game might be able to help make that fantasy come true, at least for a little while. 2K Sports, the creators of the best-selling NBA 2K games for consoles, has released NBA 2KVR Experience for the Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive headsets.


The game was co-developed by Visual Concepts, the makers of the NBA 2K console games, and Specular Interactive.  The player begins the game by walking into the court of Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the home of the Indiana Pacers. One of its team members, Paul George, who also happens to be the cover player for NBA 2K17, will be the game’s mentor and commentator, offering tips on how to improve the player’s efforts in the game.


NBA 2KVR Experience will offer a first-person viewpoint for the player as he or she tries to complete a series of mini-games on the court, including the classic three-point shootout, along with speed and accuracy challenges. There’s even a “buzzer beater” countdown mini-game so you can feel like a hero as you get that last point before time runs out.  The game features a tie-in with Gatorade, as the player gains “fuel boosts” from the sports drink that is suppose to help with their shots, speed and recovery.


The game is currently available for download on the previously mentioned platforms for $14.99. If you own an Oculus Rift, don’t worry; the NBA 2KVR Experience game will be released for that headset sometime in the near future.

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