Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite release date set for September

Posted by Nazmi Norhisam on

One tough cookie.

A company out of Arizona called Smart High Reliability Solutions announced its newest drive today, a tough and tumble 8TB SSD designed for defense, aerospace, and industrial markets.

The new 8TB HRS-M1HC isn't a drive that will find its way into gaming systems, but it's still nice to see company's building high capacity SSDs. If NAND flash memory chip makers can get a handle on production, we'll eventually see higher capacity SSDs in the consumer space. For now, they're relegated to professional and commercial markets.

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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite release date set for September

Newly-revealed characters include Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Chun-Li, and more.

Capcom announced today that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will release on all platforms—including PC, news which surprised us last year—on September 19th in North America and Europe. Pre-purchases are now available on Steam, and there's a new story trailer above.

The story is real dumb stuff in the best way. All it really needs to do, after all, is throw a weird villain at the cast so we can watch a Norse god fight alongside a tiny blue robot, and that it does.

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