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Dota 2 Hero Getting Killed By Her Own Dagger

Posted by Nazmi Norhisam on
Dota 2 Hero Getting Killed By Her Own Dagger

Reddit user OraCLesofFire submitted an extended GIF of the above documenting just how devastating the recent additions to Dota 2 have made certain heroes’ abilities. One of the biggest changes brought about in the game’s 7.00 patch was introduction of new Talent Trees. It shows Phantom Assassin (left) hurling a dagger at Nyx Assassin (right). Phantom’s dagger attack has a chance to deal a critical strike on impact, so every once in a while, especially toward the end of a match when every hero is fully powered, it can deal massive damage and kill unsuspecting enemies with ease from afar. Hence the Dota 2 meme “1 dagger and...

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How we would have changed Dota 2’s Underlord

Posted by Michael Lim on
Tags: dota2
How we would have changed Dota 2’s Underlord

The roster of Dota 1 has finally been completed in Valve's sequel, six years on from its professional gaming debut. At Dota 2's The International in Seattle, the last hero of the original menagerie, Underlord, made a big entrance to the All Star match. Given his lengthy absence from play, we were expecting him to return with a bag of new tricks, but he's surprisingly faithful to his original incarnation as the Pit Lord. This week, he's ready to whisk you and your entire team to the other side of every pub match as everyone gets to grips with the abyssal horror. Let's first...

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