Destiny 2 trial version goes live tomorrow

Posted by Nazmi Norhisam on

The trial will include access to Earth and Titan, plus multiplayer and clan support.

Bungie has announced that it will launch a free trial version of Destiny 2tomorrow that will give gamers who are still on the fence a taste of the single-player campaign mode in two of the game's locales, the European Dead Zone on Earth and the remains of a floating human habitat on the Saturnian moon of Titan. 

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Ode is a new 'music exploration adventure' from the makers of Grow Home

Ubisoft's latest indie-styled release came out today.

Ubisoft Reflections, the studio behind Grow Home and Atomega, has a new indie-styled "music exploration adventure"out today called Ode. The game tells the tale of Joy, a "small blobby creature" who lives to collect fallen stars and spread joy—hence the name, I suppose—across strange alien worlds. 
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