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  TOUGH AS NAILS You can beat it up, but it won’t let you down Tough as nails is one of those phrases that people throw around, but that wouldn’t phase...


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You can beat it up, but it won’t let you down

Tough as nails is one of those phrases that people throw around, but that wouldn’t phase the Yama. Like nails, it’s made of metal and built to take a beating. With laser-engraved keycaps that will never wear off and a thicker-than-average USB cord, the Yama wants to play as hard as you do.


LED backlight capable of 16 million colors

How many colors can you name? Eight? Twenty? The Yama can reproduce exactly 16,777,216 distinct colors, and endlessly fade, flash, or cycle between them at your heart’s content. Once you find the one that’s just right for you, use the keyboard’s onboard macro memory to save it forever (or until you change your mind).


Each of the twelve macro hotkeys save and repeat up to 32 keypresses

Have you ever wished your keyboard was intelligent so that it could do all of your typing for you? The Yama isn’t a sentient android (yet), but it does have the most basic form of intelligence – rote memorization. So while it can’t solve the biggest questions facing humanity (yet), it could probably pass the SATs.

  • Custom mechanical switches (similar to mx brown) ensure peak gaming performance
  • Brushed aluminum construction for durability and quality
  • Onboard memory saves lighting and macro presets, even when unplugged
  • Zero ghosting with full N-Key rollover
  • 12 programmable macro key
  • Swap the WSAD & Arrow keys with one button
  • Windows-key lock prevents alt-tabbing while in game
  • 5 preset backlight modes & 3 backlight memory settings
  • 6 multimedia keys & volume adjuster
  • 18-month warranty

Interface: USB 50-2400DPI
Voltage: 5V 12000FPS, 50G Acceleration
Current: 120mA 1000Hz Polling Rate
Cable Length: 1.8m Omron Gaming Switch
Dimensions: 126 x 76 x 39mm Durable Smooth TEFLON feet pads
RGB Light (16.8 million color combination) Driver: Macro Button and Light Adjustable
  9 Programmable Buttons
  5 Memory Modes



-Microphone sensitivity : -40dB+/-3

-Mcrophone resistance : 2.2kΩ

-Loudhailer diameter: Ø40MM

-Frequency range : 20Hz-20KHz

-Sensitivity : 115dB

-Vibration : Ø30MM

-Resistance : 16Ω

-Cable : 2.0

-Plug :  1 USB

-Sound 7.1




Product Dimension:800X300X3MM
The surface is made of silk processed cloth 
Ensure that mouse moves very smoothly
The bottom is made of natural processed foam rubber
Waterproof and easy to clean
Advanced multi-layer integrated process
High flexibility , anti-curling and pulling
Adapt to different kinds of irregular surface

  • ULTRA SMOOTH SURFACE: High-quality fine mesh cloth allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. Experience silky-smooth feel and maximum comfort while you surf the web, work in the office or play your favorite games
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Waterproof Surface, Anti-slip Rubber Base. Waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drinks or other accidents. Heavy duty anti-slip rubber backing keeps it secure in one place
  • ELABORATE EDGE STITCHING: Professionally stitched frame greatly increases lifespan and prevent fraying or peeling of the surface. Portable and durable for long term use

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